Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Letters to the Trust

Two weeks ago, a spokesperson for the Trust said in the Villager that the only thing the Trust had heard from the community was "don't take away our ballfields," implying people think the plan that puts the fields on the windblown roof of a huge tourist-focused entertainment center is o.k. Since then, people have sent us almost 150 us copies of thoughtful personal statements they sent to the Trust. You can see some of them by checking out the comments below.

If you wrote a letter to the Trust, please post it here by clicking on "comments" below and pasting it in. Then send email to your personal network and ask people to come here to read it. (That's important, because otherwise no one will know these letters are here!)

The public comment period ends on June 19. You can send one anyway if you like. Send it to and be sure to send us a copy at and of course, post it here as well.